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How to maintain color steel roofing sheet roll forming machine

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How to maintain color steel roofing sheet roll forming machine
How to maintain color steel roofing sheet roll forming machine

How to maintain color steel roofing sheet roll forming machine


How to maintain color steel roofing sheet roll forming machine


During the use of the roll forming machine, we need to pay special attention to the maintenance, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the machine, so that it does not affect the normal production, the service life of the metal roofing sheet roll forming machine can be guaranteed to the maximum extent. Therefore, as a manufacturer of equipment, it is necessary to write a guiding article to tell you some maintenance and maintenance methods for your reference.



One. The maintenance of the roller. The rollers needs to add rust preventive oil around every ten days . When the roll forming machine is not planned to use for a long time, rust proof oil should also be brushed on the rollers.


Two. The maintenance of the cutter die. Cutting tool mold, where friction occurs, during the production process, add lubricating oil once every half a time to avoid the accelerated wear of the cutter. In addition, when the incisional burr is too large to be seen, it is because the blade is not sharp enough and should be handled in time. Otherwise, the blade or grinding tool may be damaged when it is too serious.


Three. The maintenance of the punching die. The maintenance of the punch die is the same as the maintenance of the cutter die. When it is found that the die is not sharp enough, it is necessary to make a flat grinding of the mold to make it more sharp. The method can also be referred to: what are the methods of cold bending forming?


Four. The maintenance of the transmission mechanism. For the cold roll forming machine, the friction of the transmission mechanism is very serious. Here, the transmission mechanism we say refers to: chain, gear, reducer and so on. These parts wear faster when working at high intensity for a long time. Therefore, we should pay special attention to the lubrication of these parts. When the tool is used, the gear should be lubricated at about half a clock, and the reducer should check the oil quantity at about ten days. Each time should be added to the position of 2/3 according to the actual situation.


Five. The maintenance of the circuit. For some unprofessional users, the circuit problems are more troublesome, so we should pay more attention to the protection of the circuit, do a good job of preventing dust, moisture-proof and oil protection. The wire should be protected and not destroyed.



The above mentioned maintenance methods are strictly carried out by the opening personnel of the cold roll forming machine. The measures mentioned above can be done in the bud and do not wait until the serious problems occur, and then the urgent treatment will affect the production, and even the high maintenance costs may even be caused, and even can not be used. The serious consequences of repair.

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