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What is the usage of the cold roll forming machine

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What is the usage of the cold roll forming machine
What is the usage of the cold roll forming machine

What is the usage of the cold roll forming machine?


What is the usage of the cold roll forming machine


To understand what’s the purpose of the cold roll forming machine, let's first understand what the cold roll forming machine is.


At present, there are many methods for cold roll process in our country. One is translated from Russian. It is called cold forming, cold roll forming steel (metallurgy industry is more used), one is translated from English and other foreign languages, including roll forming, cold roll forming, roll bending forming and rolling molding. Another is the name of our Taiwan, with rollers forming, cold rolling forming, etc. the English names are more definite, with Rollforming, Roll-forming, Roll Forming and so on.


The significance and usage of cold roll forming technology


Cold roll forming is a new process and new technology for saving metal, energy saving and high efficiency in sheet metal forming. Using this technology, it can not only produce high quality steel products, but also shorten the cycle of product development, improve production efficiency, and improve the market competitiveness of enterprises.


In recent years, cold-formed steel products produced by roll forming machines have been widely used in many fields, such as construction, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, electronic industry and mechanical manufacturing. Its products from ordinary guide, doors and windows and other structural parts to some special profiles for special purposes, the type is extremely extensive. The section performance of the unit weight of cold roll formed steel is better than that of hot rolled steel, and it has high surface finish and dimensional precision. Therefore, the double effect of cold bending steel instead of hot rolled steel can save steel and save energy, so people pay great attention to the development of cold bending steel. It is the continuous yearning of users for cold-formed steel products, specifications, quality and so on, which promotes the rapid development of cold roll forming technology.

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